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Type: Targa
Registration Date: 17.04.1991
Mileage: 38,358
Fuel: Petrol
Power: 183 KW
Drive: manually
Seats: 4
Doors: 2
Aircon: Existing
Color: night blue metallic
Interior: classical grey draped leather
Price: EUR


964 C4 Targa, night blue metallic, German registered vehicle, made in 1991 with the new generation of engines, original, one owner!!!

  • Accident free
  • Draped leather
  • Classic grey (bicolor)
  • Manual gear change
  • Blaupunkt Symphony RDS
  • C00 German
  • M139 heated left seat
  • M425 rear wiper
  • M659 on-board computer
  • M935/980 draped leather seat covers, front/rear


One of the most sought after classic Porsche models is currently the 964 Targa. Just 1,329 examples were made of this 964 C4 Targa. Such a perfect model with the original (still valid) logbook, one owner, original paintwork (90%) and completely original is currently rarer than an RS or Turbo.

This manual transmission C4 has driven just 38,500 km and carefully looked after by its one lady owner for the past 25 years. The Targa is of course accident free, has been driven only in good weather, and has had 14 services.

The wonderful colour combination of night blue metallic/classic grey are an excellent match for this Porsche. The paintwork and interior are in fabulous condition.

The Targa has been driven only in Germany, is original, and has a fully documented history. The service record confirms the low mileage. The first delivery and first 13 services were all performed at the Porsche Centre in Lübeck.

All keys, original key cards, manuals and tools are available. Included are also a 12-month guarantee, a Klassik Sportwagen Certificate, a detailed report on the car's condition and a Classic Analytics valuation. 


Registered on 18.04.1991 at the Porsche Centre in Lübeck

01. Service on 06.11.1991 at 1,356 km at the Lübeck Porsche Centre

02. Service on 19.10.1992 at 3,714 km at the Lübeck Porsche Centre

03. Service on 10.11.1993 at 4,924 km at the Lübeck Porsche Centre

04. Service on 19.03.1996 at 9,778 km at the Lübeck Porsche Centre

05. Service on 18.03.1998 at 21,207 km at the Lübeck Porsche Centre

06. Service on 14.03.2000 at 24,668 km at the Lübeck Porsche Centre

07. Service on 09.05.2001 at 26,186 km at the Lübeck Porsche Centre

08. Service on 22.04.2003 at 28,515 km at the Lübeck Porsche Centre

09. Service on 15.03.2004 at 29,605 km at the Lübeck Porsche Centre

10. Service on 25.04.2005 at 30,771 km at the Lübeck Porsche Centre

11. Service on 21.03.2006 at 31,836 km at the Lübeck Porsche Centre

12. Service on 28.03.2007 at 32,766 km at the Lübeck Porsche Centre

13. Service on 21.09.2008 at 33,766 km at the Lübeck Porsche Centre

14. Service on 15.12.2015 at 38,199 km at the Kiel Porsche Centre

15. Service on 29.02.16 (major service worth approx. EUR 8,000)

It is important to us that you get a Porsche that not only looks good but is also in perfect technical condition. For this reason, every Porsche sold by us undergoes prior to delivery a major service carried out by our specialists for air-cooled Porsches.

This service for the 964 includes distributor replacement and overhaul of the wishbone (including sandblasting). We carry out a full technical check, regardless of expense, and replace any parts that do not meet our standards. 

We invested almost EUR 8,000 in the servicing of this 964 Targa which included new tyres, Swissöl conditioning, TÜV etc.

And our 12-month guarantees against any technical failure. We work with specialists trained in air-cooled Porsches across the whole of Europe, and can also transport any Porsche with our enclosed trailer.


Mail: info(at)klassiksportwagen.de
Tel.: +49 (0) 151 53822911
Fax: +49 (0) 5151 40 99 55 8

Appointments have to be sheduled by phone.

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